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As global leaders in PV energy, our PV power plants set the bar for bankable project execution, receiving numerous awards and ranked the world’s No.1 Operations & Maintenance (OM) company in power plants. In addition, we are also ranked the “#1 EPCM3 TM Company” in Africa and “#1 O&M Service Provider” in the world.

With experience, expertise and solutions across the entire solar value chain, we integrate the world’s leading technologies and services to maximize energy output and reduce LCOE for our customers. By ensuring full value-chain responsibility and supporting the performance of the entire power plant, we maximise the value of our customers PV investment while minimising their risk.

Energyneering’s Schneider-Electric PV Power Plant Features:

• Stable grid integration and advanced plant control features
• Maximum project value with our engineering and plant optimisation services
• Bankable results with project development and financing expertise
• Unrivalled energy yield with integrated and optimised technologies throughout the plant
• World-class execution with our procurement, construction and monitoring capabilities
• Global-leading system availability as the world’s #1 O&M services provider
• World-leading technologies proven to deliver reliable energy yield and stable grid integration

Grid Integration & Plant Control Systems

Developing efficient electricity-generation assets starts with optimal grid integration. We understand the challenges associated with integrating renewable solar into the local electricity grid and on a global scale. Our power plants are equipped with sophisticated plant control features typical of large, conventional power plants that actively stabilise the electricity grid to ensure optimum efficiencies.

Plant Design & Engineering

We design power plants to maximise energy output and reduce LCOE. Every project is different. Project specific factors such as the local irradiance, weather, soil, wind, and topography must be taken into account for the design, layout, technology selection and system configuration.

Maximising Energy Output and Project Value

Our team of specialist SolarXpert engineers have designed over 1 GW of PV plants and have experience with hundreds of iterations of plant design improvements. In a process called “plant optimisation,” we go beyond standard plant energyneering to configure PV plants that maximise project value. By applying our experience and expertise to meticulously configure PV plant parameters, we ensure our PV plants deliver the maximum yield and financial results.

Project Development

Project development is essential to creating valuable power plant assets and includes activities prior to construction, such as securing a power purchase agreement (PPA), establishing site control, project permitting and project financing.

Project Finance

Cost of capital is the single-largest contributor to reducing LCOE. The impact financing terms have on the total cost of ownership is far more substantial than the module, balance of system, project development, or operating costs over the life of the plant. Often a major constraint, obtaining low-cost financing and access to capital markets, is critical to accelerating solar adoption worldwide. Schneider-Electric and Energyneering have raised millions of Rands of debt and equity financing power plants developed by Energyneering. In the process they have structured innovative deal resulting in valuable returns to our customers.

Procurement & Construction Management

Eneryneering has developed world-class procurement and construction management capabilities. As the largest buyer of many utility-scale PV power electronics, our global supply chain network has strong purchasing power and ensures the timely delivery of Energyneering modules and balance of system components to construction sites. Our proven construction management capabilities have delivered more than 1.6GW of utility-scale PV plants globally and provided significant value to plant owners, developers, and plant builders.

Energyneering Renewable Procurement and Construction Management Features:

• Robust, agile supply chain with local and global network, purchasing power, and timely delivery
• Integrated planning, scheduling and implementation system
• Expertise in bespoke project-based Energyneering design and plant optimisation
• Construction experience with more than 1 GW built to date
• Grid integration and best-in-class plant controls
• Track record of execution and award-wining O&M and safety record
• Significant improvements in cost reduction and installation quality and speed
• Ideal partner with leadership, experience and technical expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa

Consultative Delivery Approach

We offer an integrated approach to our customers’ solar energy needs by providing solutions that are tailored to their financial goals and capabilities. For system owners, we deliver PV power plants on time and on budget that are engineered to maximise their financial goals, and built to provide reliable solar energy over the life of the plant. For plant builders, we offer pre-engineered solutions with engineering and construction services and superior warranties to deliver “the SolarXpert advantage” through local construction partners. Having designed and built many of Africa’s largest PV power plants, we apply our expertise to deliver the right solution for each customer.

Construction Process

Energyneering & Schneider-Electric have made numerous improvements to construction processes in order to increase installation speed, reduce labour costs and environmental impact, and maximise energy yield over the life of the plant.

Eco-Cut-&-Fill Site Preparation

Eco-friendly Site Preparation and Environmental Mitigation

Our utility-scale PV plants employ an ecological grading technique during the site preparation process that provides a level foundation for the construction of the PV plant. Over time, we have evolved our site preparation processes in order to minimise land disturbance. One example of this is our Eco-Cut-and-Fill technique, which contours the land surface without changing the macro-level topography and existing drainage patterns in order to minimise impact, resulting in less earth movement, air emissions, and water use during construction.

Operations & Maintenance

PV power plants generate electricity for many decades. As the world’s No.1 ranked O&M power plant service provider, we have developed industry-leading capabilities to ensure our PV power plants generate optimal energy and revenue for our customers. We also include forecasting and energy scheduling capabilities to assist grid operators and utilities with daily load balancing.

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