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" I must say that the electricity account figures just received are absolutely wonderful to see.

In October 2016 we had the best, highest saleable tonnage (3808 tons) but with the lowest electricity cost per saleable ton. This is fantastic!!!

To put this into perspective the average before the solar (in summer tariff times) was R40, 53 per ton and the highest cost we have had in summer tariff time was R52, 80 per saleable ton. So that means we have, in October 2016, nearly cut our electricity cost in half (based on previous average) by having implemented the Solar System from Energyneering.

We have also minimised our maximum demand from previous average of 319,289 kVa before the solar panels to an all-time low of 201,662 kVa also achieved in October 2016.

I must say these savings we are making are GREAT!!!

Damian Rider
Chief Operation Officer - Vorstand - Board of Directors


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40880 Ratingen, Germany