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Our Advantage

#1 Microgrid Specialist, Delivering More Cost-effective and Longer-lasting Energy! Energyneering minimises risk, sets performance records, delivering value in Africa’s harshest environments. As a Microgrid specialist and technology leader, our global-leading system design efficiency offers a clear energy yield advantage over standard ‘off-the-shelf’ systems by delivering superior efficiency, IRR, higher energy yield and longer-term reliability.

Bankability Advantage

In a fast evolving and emerging solar market, where suppliers come and go, customers need to choose a committed partner with a proven track record. A bankable partner. With over 25 years in the solar industry and expertise in energy management, Energyneering and Schneider-Electric technology are already powering photovoltaic installations of all kinds, all across Africa and around the world. Together with a comprehensive portfolio of balance-of-system solutions, backed by a global service network, we can help you gain a distinct competitive advantage - for the long-term.

The power of true bankability

Schneider-Electric and Energyneering bankability means you can rely on our financial strength, worldwide and local support, industry-leading experience, and reliable products for any solar or renewable energy project.

• 25+ years of expertise in the solar industry.
• Local presence in 100+ countries.
• Over 5GW installations globally and 200kW locally
• 1 of the top 3 most competitive Solar Inverter Companies in the world! - GTM 2013.
• Ranked #1 in Solar Grid EPCM monitoring and control - Navigant Research Minigrid Leaderboard Report 2015

Schneider-Electric and Energyneering bring integrated competitive solutions to the market thanks to their experience and know-how of all the links in the electrical conversion chain. Energyneering and Schneider-Electric have one of the strongest balance sheets and cash positions among all companies in the renewable industry. When evaluating the combination of Schneider-Electric’s market leading technology, risk profile and financial standing, the world’s leading renewable energy investors and financial institutions see a pattern of more value and less risk than most competing alternatives. We consistently demonstrate that financial stability is essential to obtaining low-cost financing and better discount buying power.

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Grid-Friendly Advantage (Eskom Grid Code /AA on advisory board determining grid-tie codes)

Schneider-Electric Solar monitors some of the world’s largest utility-scale PV installations in operation today. We have engineered a proprietary plant control system and incorporated forecasting and energy scheduling capabilities to ensure bulk power reliability and stable grid integration. This functionality is operational today on PV plants that are several-hundred megawatts in size. Schneider-Electric Solar’s plant control system receives real-time data from the plant Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and analyses the performance of each inverter. It checks the grid requirements and set points by the grid operator or remote operations centre and sends individual instructions to each inverter many times per second based on its location within the plant, losses and historical data. This ensures the plant adheres to its voltage, frequency and power output requirements. Energyneering is also a member of Eskom NRS Committee and the SANS 10142 Workgroups that is responsible for developing and approving the quality grid-tie standards, requirements and codes for connecting SA’s renewable energy sources to the existing grid.

Proven Reliability and Quality Advantage

Long-term reliability increases plant value. The quality and reliability of our solutions utilising global leading technology from Schneider-Electric, Trina, Hitzinger and others, is proven both in short-term and long-term field performance. As a result, Energyneering customers consistently receive energy generation that meets or exceeds expected returns. Over and above the up to 30-year product warranties, every integrated system designed and installed is registered with Schneider-Electric Solar who can offer assurance that spare parts, service and technical support will be continually available over the 20+ year life of a solar installation, ensuring optimum performance and ROI!

Predictable Performance Advantage (Measure, Monitoring and optimised IRR)

Predictable lifetime energy is critical to confidently project the expected value of the sellable energy from a PV plant designed for long-term operation. Schneider-Electric has been ranked #1 in Solar Grid EPCM monitoring and control by Navigant Research Microgrid Leaderboard Report, with its unrivalled ability to separate and isolate itself from a utility’s distribution system during brownouts or blackouts (its islanding ability). Another is its unmatched ability to integrate diverse distributed energy resources (DER) into clusters that can then provide greater value, such as integrating Microgrid services into market operations. Also, for over 30 years, Trina Duo modules have been field-deployed and independently monitored with a documented long-term median power degradation rate of just 0.5% per year. This low, linear degradation rate combining superior system monitoring and control, positively impacts the long-term reliability and LCOE over the life of the entire power plant, guaranteeing a higher internal rate of return (IRR).

Land/Roof Utilisation Advantage

As a result of higher efficiency, Energyneering designs utilising Trina Duo modules offer higher power density with comparable land usage when compared to most other typical linear module installations, resulting in more installed capacity per square meter mand 16.6% maximum efficiency.

Energy Density / Yield Advantage

Energyneering’s latest Trina Duomax module delivers a 16.6% maximum efficiency ratio, a 30-year linear warranty and certified to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions.

Advantages include:

• Improved Durability – Anti PID; Reduced soiling due to natural cleaning; cleaner aesthetics;
• Enhanced Safety – Fire class A certified by TUV Rheinland according to fire test IEC 61730-2/MST 23 and certified for fire type 13 (UKL 1703)
• Increased Value – 1,500 V system voltage reduces BOS costs by increased string length; 30-year linear warranty with a low 0.5% annual degradation;
• Certified to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions – coating resistant to sand, acid and alkali; 2400 Pa wind load; 5400 Pa snow load and 35mm hail stones at 97km/h.

Risk Mitigation Advantage (USP – Problem, Solution, Price and Risk Mitigation)

Energyneering have the expertise and experience to develop a comprehensive risk mitigation analysis that not only ensures all potential risks are identified and mitigated, but that strategies are developed to deliver unrivalled performance, ROI and highest IRR from the plant!


Schneider-Electric Solar - Global leaders in Solar O&M service provider amongst inverter manufacturers (GTM)!

• #1 globally delivering unmatched Solar Microgrid energy management solutions!
• Global leader and specialist in Energy Management & Solar Grid EPC monitoring and control. (Navigant Research Microgrid Leaderboard Report 2015)
• World-leading renewable energy technology, systems and services
• 180 years electricity experience and +25 years of expertise in the solar industry
• A world leader in low and medium voltage electrical equipment and power conversion technologies
• Enhancing business for customers with presence in over 100 countries
• Over 5GW installations globally and over 200kW locally
• Over €24.9 billion revenue with 5% devoted to R&D
• Global manufacturing and R&D depth with over 220 factories worldwide
• Easy and fast deployment of authorised global field service network including engineers, technicians, spare parts, training, customer care and support - ensuring the performance over the life of your investment
• 24/7/365 technical monitoring and control support ensuring optimised performance of PV plants
• Schneider-Electric Service currently supports 4 500 commercial clients and over 300 000 solar power installations around the world
• A secure solar investment, with a committed bankable partner

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SOLAR – Make the Most of Your Energy™

Why choose Energyneering – Africa’s Global-Leading Renewable EPCM3 TM Specialist?

• Multi-award winning market leader Schneider-Electric SolarXpert Partner
• Unrivalled network and support from over 260 Certified Schneider-Electric SolarXperts and System Integrators located across Sub-Saharan Africa!
• Africa’s #1 Microgrid Specialist guarantees superior system and IRR performance, risk mitigation, scalability and 100% grid independence!
• +5GW installed world-wide, 250MW installed in over 200 projects in South Africa and Africa!
• One-stop quality energy EPCM3 TM turnkey solutions provider, utilising the world’s leading renewable technologies for integrated Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass, Biogas and Geothermal energy solutions
• Fully vertically integrated to ensure unrivalled highest solar energy yields and efficiency performance ratios – value engineering reducing total cost of ownership!!
Win/Win/Win Relationships3 where every installed system is registered and supported threefold by both OEM, EPCM and PVSI respectively!
• 100% funding available, both with and without roof lease!
• An unrivalled bankable3 partner whom financiers, investors, shareholders and customer stakeholders trust for maximum returns over the long term!

Schneider-Electric is the choice of preference because…

• It is the world’s No.1 in low voltage (LV) electrical distribution products and solutions, including circuit breakers, power monitoring and control, power meters, electrical enclosures, busways, cable management systems, power factor correction, wiring devices, network connectivity, home automation and building controls, as well as renewable energy conversion and connection equipment and electrical vehicle charging infrastructures.
• It is the world’s No.1 in Critical Power and Cooling products and solutions for data centres and applications where power continuity and quality is essential – including single- and three-phase Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), plug in surge protection, IT enclosures, power distribution units, security cooling systems, services and software management.
• It is the world’s No.1 in Medium Voltage and Grid Automation products and solutions including primary and secondary medium voltage switchgear, transformers, electrical network protection and automation, remote control and MV/LV complete substations. It also includes software for the integrated management of mission-critical infrastructure, such as distribution management software (DMS), Operation Management Software (OMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), pipeline management and traffic management.

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