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Hydro-Pumping Solutions

Hydro – Pumping Solutions

Energyneering’s Solar Water Pumping and Pump Storage systems provide
reliable water delivery and power generating and energy storage capabilities. Energyneering’s rapid deploy pumping systems with full remote monitoring
range from agricultural to large scale de-watering.


• Reliable water supply without grid power
• Affordable water supply
• Water storage replaces the need for batteries
• Delivering water up to 400m vertical head
• Maximum yields of up to 120 000 000 litres per day at 10m vertical lift

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Solar pumping is emerging as an efficient alternative to diesel generator pumping

Energyneering’s Solar Water Pumps combine industrial-grade Variable Speed Drives (VSD) with Solar PV to deliver three-phase power to a submersible borehole pump. Combining industry-proven quality Grundfos, Danfos, Wilo and Franklin Electric pumps with rapid-deployable and secure ground mount solar PV panels, these systems ensure that you get the most out of your pump, easily and efficiently. Energyneering have proven the efficiency and dependability of this technology utilising it in the driest and harshest of African conditions, demonstrating exceptional and continual water delivery. A key benefit of Energyneering’s water pumping solution is the use of off-the-shelf pumps, keeping the electrical systems out of the borehole.

Our solar water pumps require little to no ongoing maintenance. They are cost effective and reliable, come in containerised kit forms, and are available in sizes from 0.4kW to 45kW off-the-shelf. Larger pumps designed and built-on-site to specification - up to 630kW pump sets - are also available. All pumps are monitored for live performance data available over a pump’s lifespan. Energyneering’s custom communication system provides real-time and historical pumping data to allow monitoring for delivered water, tank level and system. Our experienced team of engineers are on board for the full length of every project. This means we can recommend the most reliable and best size water pump for your particular needs - at a highly competitive price.

Our fully-containerised water pumping systems include:

1. High Performance “Tier 1″ Solar PV Modules
2. Industrial-grade VSD
3. High Quality 3P Submersible Pumps (Grundfos/Danfos/Wilo/Franklin Electric)
4. System Monitoring via 3G
5. Diesel Generator for back-up/make-up (Optional)
6. Battery Backup (Optional)
7. Tank Monitoring
8. Security Fencing, Rodent and Bird Netting


  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • No batteries needed
  • No additional inverter capacity
  • Autonomy through water storage
  • Various sizes
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • MPPT to ensure maximum solar energy yield

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Get renewable energy 24/7/365 with a Microgrid from Energyneering.

Get renewable energy 24/7/365 with a Microgrid from Energyneering. Africa’s foremost Microgrid specialist, ensuring 100% Grid independence, more efficient and clean energy that lasts longer and costs less. Our turnkey Microgrid solution lets you tap into locally generated energy to reduce and control costs whilst powering critical facilities when the central grid is unavailable.

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