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Commercial Solar (25kW – 1MW)

Commercial Solar

Energyneering are leaders in Commercial Scale Solar PV integration. More and more of our clients are investing in solar PV generation to successfully manage rapidly escalating grid energy costs and load-shedding.


The efficient, money-saving, energy-generating and storage solution for businesses.


Solar power generation is an excellent business investment. Besides cutting and controlling costs, it also provides a highly-visible statement of your organisation’s commitment to sustainability and improving your carbon footprint.
Generating energy on-site avoids grid electricity costs, has a relatively short payback period, and an internal rate of return that surpasses the investment criteria of most organisations. With a choice of financing options, solar is an excellent investment asset for any business.

It’s not just about being green – it makes economic sense.


  • Does your business have monthly power bills exceeding R50 000?
  • Do you own your premises, or have a long-term lease?
  • Are you looking for a new low-risk investment project?
  • Are you interested in reducing your electricity bills?
  • Are you interested in renewable energies and improving your carbon-footprint?


  1. Requires little to no ongoing maintenance
  2. Has a generation lifespan of over 25 - 30 years
  3. Uses high performance PV modules
  4. Has a real-time performance monitoring system
  5. Utilises accurate usage forecast and modelling
  6. Is 100% secure and tamper-proof
  7. Is custom-built for scalability
  8. Is completely utility grade; easily serviceable and maintainable.

** You also have a choice of financing options


Our panels also come with 100% project insurance protection, 12-year product warranty, and 25-30 year, four-step/linear power warranty. Which means you are adequately covered.
You’re in safe hands with Energyneering’s proven vertically integrated expertise. As testified by commercial clients including CTM, Italtile, Netcare Hospital & Clinics, Siemens, ABSA, Cadbury, Sasol, Ceramic Industries and Grey Advertising, to name a few.

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I’ve signed my project contract. What do I do now?

Nothing. We look after everything from designing, obtaining permits, scheduling and necessary applications. You will be notified of (and can request) installation dates. But no further information is required from you.

What about environmental damage? Is this covered by insurances or would we have to replace damages at our own expense?

Our panels have been extensively tested for durability in a range of environments and events. However, damage from weather conditions would be covered by the property owner’s insurance policies, provided they have implemented such policies.

What are the warranties on the panels, inverters and workmanship?

Panel warranties cover 10 years of product (physical), and 25 to 30 years of performance (guaranteed output). Inverter warranties cover 5 to 10 years of product (typically lasting 10-15 years). Workmanship is covered for 2 years. All warranties can be negotiated for a longer period for a premium.

How will I know if there is ever a fault with my system?

We’ll let you know. Energyneering are the only solar power supplier with an encrypted, self-hosted, cyber-secured VPN solution to provide IP access from our offices to over 24 remote devices, stations and plants. This allows us to remotely gather and store real-time data – and any issues with our systems, so that we are alerted immediately to take remedial action. We also provide clients with full access to their system’s performance via an app that can be installed on their computers, tablets and cellphones.

What risks are there investing in PV and how can business minimise these risks? (JE)

What are the common mistakes companies make when installing PV? (JE)

What risks are there investing in PV and how can business minimize these risks?

• Inferior installation practices results in underperformance of the system.
• Make sure the EPC company is a reputable company with the experience in your industry.
• System is too big, making it impossible to pay back the capital with the saving made.
• Make sure the EPC company acquires sufficient historical load dat to make an informed decision.

What are the common mistakes companies make when installing PV?

• Incorrect earthing configuration.
• EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) increases the risk of component failure.